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Contact Us is dedicated to helping you become bilingual!

You'll learn important vocabulary, useful phrases and Spanish grammar!

The easy-to-understand lessons will have you speaking, writing and understanding Spanish in no time!

The downloadable information was produced by a Spanish teacher who has embraced the concept of a global classroom.

Are you living in or traveling to Mexico, Argentina, Spain, Chile, Honduras, Guatemala, the United States or another Spanish- speaking locale? This is the information you will need.

Are you working with others who speak Spanish fluently? Now you will be able to communicate with ease!

The flagship product, The Spanish Grammar Notebook, has helped students, teachers, tutors and independent learners master the intricacies of Spanish grammar for years. Classroom teachers will discover how each subject heading is a ready-made lesson plan.  Each topic is clearly explained and the answers for each section follow for easy reference. Now, the original book is available for purchase as sequential, individual lessons.

The additional new books from are subject specific and are easily downloaded to computers, tablets and smartphones. Each booklet is a left-justified, PDF document that will provide the most common vocabulary and phrases for the topic.   

The new books from provide the Spanish and English vocabulary and phrases for Banking, Travel, Restaurant Work, Housekeeping, Gardening,Construction, Religion, Love and Romance, Childcare, Elder Care, Baby Care, Real Estate, Beauty Salon, and Physical Therapy.

These books will also be a great help to native Spanish speakers who want to perfect their English for integration into an English-speaking environment. Audio lessons for each topic will be available in November 2016. 

"Adult Learner"

The Spanish Grammar Notebook is a great investment for students of all ages. As an adult learner, I have used this book as a dependable reference for years. I find this book to be one of the most useful texts to master the Spanish language since each topic is clearly explained in a straightforward manner.

Annette Wolf
Durango, Colorado