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The Most Effective Way To Learn Spanish


Simple, effective tools to get you learning quickly is dedicated to helping you become bilingual!

You’ll learn important words, useful phrases, and Spanish grammar!

The easy-to-understand lessons will have you speaking, writing and understanding Spanish in no time!

The downloadable information has been produced by a Spanish teacher who embraces the concept of a global, virtual classroom.

Don't wait. Start Learning Spanish today!

For travel, for career, for culture

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Spanish and English word and phrase books for success in
Agriculture, Baby Care, Banking, Beauty Salon, Childcare, Classroom Instruction, Construction, Elder Care, Gardening, Horse Care, Hospitality, Housekeeping, Internet, Law Enforcement, Lifeguard, Love and Romance, Math, Medical, Real Estate, Religion, Restaurant, and Travel.
The Spanish Grammar Notebook

Master the intricacies of Spanish grammar. Each topic is clearly explained and the answers for each section follow for easy reference.

Books are subject specific and easily downloaded to computers, tablets and phones
Each booklet is a left-justified, PDF document that will provide the most common vocabulary and phrases for the topic.
As a teacher, I used The Spanish Grammar Notebook nearly daily. It provided me with ready-made lesson plans and saved me an enormous amount of time and energy. Students appreciated the notes and used them as a dependable reference throughout the school year.
Judy Blodgett-Merritt

Spanish Teacher Seaside, New Jersey