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Frequently Asked Questions

Who can benefit from this book?

Students in a traditional classroom setting will benefit form the “easy- to -understand” text about the basics of Spanish grammar.

Classroom teachers can benefit from the text as each subject heading is, in reality, a ready made lesson-plan for beginning through intermediate students. These notes enable teachers to spend more time teaching the grammar and speaking in Spanish, rather than spending countless hours lecturing in English about Spanish grammar while students take notes.

Home school students and teachers will be able to cover the primary components addressed in the state standards for Foreign Language, delineated in the curriculum of a majority of public and private educational institutions.

First and second generation native Spanish speakers have reaped the rewards of becoming bi-literate by learning more about the nuances of Spanish grammar.

Independent learners will delight in using this text that has proven to be successful for both novices and remedial students “brushing up” on the basics before college entrance exams, job interviews or prior to travel in Spanish speaking countries.

Why is The Spanish Grammar Notebook the best resource book to learn about Spanish grammar?

The Spanish Grammar Notebook is the most straightforward text about Spanish grammar that is on the market. It contains 300-pages and includes both an answer key and dictionary.

The succinct text was authored by Mila Vujovich-La Barre, a renowned classroom teacher. She has successfully taught thousands of students Spanish using these grammar notes. Each subject is clearly presented on an 81/2” x 11” document. There is sufficient space to practice each concept after each subject is presented.

Furthermore, this book has passed legal compliance review through the California State Department of Education.

What other materials are available?

The site will continue to offer educational products to benefit students and teachers of Spanish as well as for professionals. These products will include vocabulary lists, important phrases, cultural notes, quizzes and tests as well as suggestions for travel and links to popular language schools.

Should I purchase the grammar text and additional books?

By purchasing The Spanish Grammar Notebook, a student will have a firm foundation in grammar. The additional books will equip any individual with a variety of words and phrases to succeed in a business or a personal situation.