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Customers reviews

The Spanish Grammar Notebook is a great investment for students of all ages. As an adult learner, I have used this book as a dependable reference for years. I find this book to be one of the most useful texts to master the Spanish language since each topic is clearly explained in a straightforward manner.
Annette Wolf
Durango, Colorado
Being a native speaker, I have grown up being bilingual, but not biliterate. The Spanish Grammar Notebook has helped me understand the mechanics of the Spanish language. It has also helped me perfect my English grammar as well.
Angelina Bautista
San Luis Obispo, California
This book is ideal for review prior to going down to Mexico to build houses with a youth group. Knowing even the basics of the language is an asset when living and working with the native Spanish speaking population.
Brent Harvey
Los Osos, California
As a young adult and graduate student, I am striving to become fluent in Spanish. This book was a tremendous help to me prior to my recent trip to an immersion program in Guatemala. It gave me the foundation that I needed to survive!
Kory DeClark
San Luis Obispo, California
Being bilingual is critical when working in an urban environment in California when you are responsible for others in need. The Spanish Grammar Notebook will serve as an excellent resource for a variety of care providers who work with the Spanish speaking population. It helped to increase my fluency tremendously!
Lisa Moreno
Santa Barbara, California
A blitz review using The Spanish Grammar Notebook gave me the confidence that I needed prior to my study abroad. My months of study in San Sebastian, Spain have been a joy thanks to the review I was able to complete using this straightforward text.
Randy Cavigli
San Luis Obispo, California
The Spanish Grammar Notebook is my favorite reference book to use for Spanish classes and prior to my travels abroad. As a young professional, I know it is critical for my success in business in the Southwest to continue to improve upon my fluency in Spanish. I highly recommend this book to everyone!
Lindsay Miller
Irvine, California
Speaking and understanding Spanish was not easy for me until I read The Spanish Grammar Notebook. Now, I can communicate with clients and workers with confidence. The text has also helped me appreciate the Hispanic culture even more! This is a great reference for anyone who lives in California or any part of the Southwest who wants to understand Spanish!
Peggy Davis
La Jolla, California
My students love to use these stories to improve their Spanish sentence structure. These sentence stories encourage students to work on their fluency and accuracy of pronunciation
Marta Avila
I have worked in the vineyards of Northern California and the farms of Oregon. This phrase book has made all of my jobs so much easier working with our labor force. It has also helped many of my workers to learn English.
Harry Knox
What a blessing this book is! Our Spanish-speaking nanny is learning even more English and my husband and I are able to rest assured that the baby is being well cared for. Of course, we are hoping that our child grows up to be bilingual. In the meantime, this book is contributing to our happy household.
Devon Stull
As a bilingual bank teller, I can help twice the customers. This book helped me to master the words and phrases to feel comfortable assisting my clients with all of their banking needs.
Annie Pollock
When I moved to Puerto Vallarta, I wanted to make sure that I could keep up with the beauty regimen. This book helped me to communicate with my gifted hair and beauty service providers South of the Border.
Rose Burns
This book has provided our family with the words and phrases to communicate with our Spanish speaking help accurately. All of the information is immensely helpful. It has also enabled our nanny to improve her English.
Malia Cadena
Whether it is in my classroom, in person or virtually, this concise list of words and expressions is helping my students to become bilingual. This publication helps my native Spanish speakers to participate and has enlightened my students who are learning Spanish as well.
Michael Dossa
This book allowed me to use words instead of hand gestures with my workers. What a relief! Each job got completed faster and with even more perfection!
Bob Baldwin